Anti-Piracy Unit

Global piracy affects a wide-range of digital content—movies, music, software, games and e-books. Such piracy costs the U.S. industry millions of dollars every year. Combatting piracy requires prosecution, training, as well as education and enforcement programs. AGI actively participates in shaping the industry's content protection priorities and ensures that available resources are properly allocated for enforcement of their intellectual property rights. This can be achieved through criminal raids,prosecutions, and civil litigation. AGi's training programs help our officers enhance their knowledge of the entertainment industry and software products.

Rights owners need to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to fighting piracy, by pinpointing and monitoring illegal download activity across a wide-array of Internet channels—peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, user generated content, blogs, live and video streaming sites and UseNet services—as well as detecting and disrupting the related promotional activity on search engines, websites and social media sites. Our anti-piracy technology powers the industry's most complete solution for scrutinizing, disclosing and responding to piracy and related publicity activities.