Cloud Based Incident and Activity Reports

The New Technological Age

New age security demands that all data on every crime occurrence be reported and recorded. We have inbuilt automated record systems to collect and store information for administration and operational purposes. We record specific facts and details of security breaches so that all pieces of information are readily accessible and available in order to apply this knowledge meaningfully to track and prevent future crime.

State of the Art Training

To make essential information accessible and available, a system needs trained individuals who are able to respond to incidents, perform analysis tasks, and communicate effectively for action. AGI trains internal staff members to advance into incident handling roles with the essential communication, presentation, problem solving and diplomacy skills as well as knowledge of security, protocols that are required in the event of security incidents. This transforms security into a 'real time' entity.

AGI Promise of Perfection

As a cutting-edge security company we are no strangers to the technological advancement of this millennium. Security technology when customized for home and business security, promises safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for your security needs. At AGI we provide state of the art solutions in all facets of security support, logistics, and information technology. We utilize our extensive knowledge of IT operations to address customer requirements and provide critical solutions. Our commercial structure contributes to our swiftness and ingenuity in security service. This enables us to provide customized cost effective solutions to our diverse set of customers.