Concealed Carry Officers

Need to Conceal

Protection of artwork, jewelry, books, documents, as well as high profile individuals or groups often requires the level of protection provided by armed security officers. While in some cases a visible firearm and a hard profile uniform acts as a deterrent, often the appearance of a firearm may seem threatening to the general public and may attract unwanted attention. Concealed carry officers are often off-duty or retired law enforcement. They have the ability to blend in with their surroundings, yet they have the training and weaponry required in emergency situations. This combination provides the ultimate level of protection with the lowest level of disruption to the public.

Careful Recruitment

We ensure a vigorous screening and hiring process, which is then followed by specific education that includes but is not limited to first aid, communication skills, emergency response, and management of aggression in addition to firearm proficiency. This process assures the highest level of confidence in our officers so that we are able to meet customer needs. All of our armed officers are state licensed and have passed extensive local, state, and federal background checks. Most importantly, their calm and composed demeanor allows them to act appropriately in the most volatile environments.

Superior Quality Training

All armed officers chosen to join the AGI team receive ongoing rigorous training and trips to the firing range to ensure superior quality firearm expertise. This ensures that AGI armed security officers are confident and ready to face whatever challenges are placed before them.

Ongoing Supervision

Our supervisory management team has an important role to play in the support and development of our security personnel at all levels. Their ongoing personalized involvement assures that our officers are constantly improving their skills in order to better serve our clients and the community.

Our Mission

Our experienced patrol and security officers are equipped with the professional resources and the technical expertise necessary to address any company or individual's security issues. Whether you are interested in security for your next special event or need a regular security presence for your home or business, AGI has you covered.