Construction Sites

Rising Security Needs

Construction sites pose significant threats for security breaches, especially with respect to controlling access when crew is not present. The sheer nature of unfinished construction defines its vulnerability to unrestricted entry. Security protocols in such places require a blend of technical expertise as well as a highly professional workforce to cater to the site's needs. With several decades of experience in dynamic settings, AGI has mastered the art of security in such dynamic locations.

Customized Security Solutions

Securing an upcoming establishment is as essential as setting its right foundation. The large workforce at construction sites comprising workers as well as contractors from several disciplines; presence of expensive equipment and raw material, vulnerability to large scale hazards owing to the sheer nature of the process; all call for special protection, risk mitigation and response readiness. It is also essential to monitor the daily activities of these large projects to track the progress prepare daily activity reports. The appropriate use of technology along with a trained security team can offer cost effective security solutions.

Multifaceted Personnel Skills

AGI security teams are proficiently trained in interacting with a diversity of workers, managers as well as the general public, which may include loiterers and unwanted visitors. The sensitivity of interaction at such sites cannot be undermined. Careful selection, in depth training and ongoing guidance coaching assures that our personnel maintain a professional and specialized attitude, which is a pre-requisite in such places, besides maintaining the integrity and proficiency at what is part of their core job. Our services assure access control, site patrol, eviction of unwanted loiterers and daily activity reporting too.

AGI's rigorous training processes are in place for all our varied security teams to empower our staff with technical and social skills for risk assessment, monitoring, personal protection, facility protection and property security. Our hiring process is the most arduous in the industry; this permits us to offer cutting edge expertise and careful supervision at all levels of security management. We have our personnel as well as technological support in place to respond competently to any impending emergency. Clients have access to our management thus they can be doubly assured that their assets are safe in our hands.