GPS Enabled Mobile Time Clocks

Stone Age…To Today

There was a time when handwritten time cards were a breakthrough, turning in time sheets was a norm and the honor system was the only option. Written logs, mechanical time stamps using heavy cards, and devices that actually remember time in would calculated total shift time when clocking out. However with diversity on job roles, it has become almost impossible to use these in knowing how much time has been spent on each job site, what tasks have been accomplished and which customer has been served.

Security In Synch With Technology

We use timesheet apps to track employee work times and locations – from any phone and any location. They automate the entire timekeeping process including employee logs. In addition to ensuring accurate employee timekeeping, these also provide employees with GPS location verification and save many administrative hours. We use smart phone punch in/out, GPS and mapping features, and real-time syncing and reporting to your secure employer web portals. This improves hour reporting and payroll efficiency; overall reducing labor costs. It also reduces customer response time and pinpoints manpower on a map at a glimpse.

The AGI Promise of Perfection

As a cutting-edge security company we are no strangers to the technological advancement of this millennium. Security technology when customized for home and business security, promises safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for your security needs. At AGI we provide state of the art solutions in all facets of security support, logistics, and information technology. We utilize our extensive knowledge of IT operations to address customer requirements and provide critical solutions. Our commercial structure contributes to our swiftness and ingenuity in security service. This enables us to provide customized cost effective solutions to our diverse set of customers.