"These are not just words at Armored Group International. They are at the core of everything we do. Our mission is to not only protect our clients and their assets, but also to serve our clients interests, anticipate their needs, and to professionally represent them to their customers, their guests, and the general public."


"For the last two years since we have hired Armored Group International, they have proven to be very reliable and professional. They hire the best quality of officers, provide them ..."

David Anderson - DHL

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Some of AGI'S clientele

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Overseas Capabilities

Armored Group International's (AGI) core is its ability to provide stability and protection to people and locations experiencing turmoil whether caused by armed conflict, epidemics or natural/manmade disasters. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy anywhere in the world to create a more secure environment for our customers. We take pride in our agility, speed and ability to execute.

Armored Group International (AGI) has over fifteen years of experience providing Executive Protection (EP) Services in both domestic and overseas environments. AGI specializes in providing EP to commercial and government clients, foreign dignitaries and others. AGI tailors our services to the needs of our client, maximizing the personal safety of the client and their guests. Our low-profile protection focuses on unobtrusive control and leverage of the environment, constant observation and attack recognition.

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