Litigation Support

A changing Society

Defending your business against frivolous lawsuits requires the ability to gather all relevant information and have experts on hand who are trained in the science of observation and writing detailed reports. That's where having trained and professional AGI security officers on-site comes in. Our officers assist attorneys by serving as experienced witnesses and providing detailed reports of relevant factual data and real time evidence relating to people and events.

Threat Landscapes

Theft and fraud in the workplace are nothing new, however the methods used have grown more and more sophisticated. Specialized fraud analysis, asset tracing, abuse detection, and misconduct identification, are key to building a case for organized corporate crime. It is important to maintain utmost confidentiality in these matters and retain sensitivity and support towards the organization or individuals involved. Working in close association with clients is a prerequisite in order to align the investigative policies with the client goals.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our seasoned investigational officers possess the technical expertise to review legal documents and expert reports. They also have the professionalism and sensitivity to record statements from witnesses and parties involved in the lawsuit. Our investigation team is also equipped to efficiently handle lawsuits that require retrieval of documents from courthouses, state, and federal agencies.