Logistics and Cargo Security

Multifaceted Systems

Uncertainty is the enemy of security; hence high velocity supply chains like cargo require consistent and reputable processes to eliminate uncertainty and assure cargo integrity. This is possible with integrated security systems that can prevent or detect breaches in this structure. The cargo system is multifaceted and multi-layered; there is no single best practice that constitutes effective protection hence a dynamic and custom-made approach is always needed. AGI follows best practices in security by incorporating management support, integrating people, processes and technology, and employing a system of checks and balances to assure appropriate oversight and accountability through all aspects.

AGI's Best Practices

AT AGI we collaborate with the executive management to become an integral part of the security mission, which constitutes our continuous improvement philosophy. Our best practices assist you in theft, loss prevention, and asset protection; and also prevent the introduction of contraband, terrorists and weapons of mass effect. At AGI we understand the dynamics involved in the chain of custody and the need for parties to adopt verifiable means of integrity of goods. Our security devices include tapes and seal as well as truck and container locks that are in keeping with government regulations.

Sate of the Art Training

AGI security teams are proficiently trained in security systems in high velocity supply chains. Careful selection, in depth training and ongoing guidance coaching assures that our personnel maintain a professional, yet supportive attitude, which is a pre-requisite in such places, besides maintaining the integrity and proficiency at what they do. By integrating systems and business processes we minimize uncertainty by anticipating and mitigating security exposures.

Rigorous Quality Control

AGI's rigorous quality control processes are in place for all our varied security teams to empower our staff with technical and social skills, which enables risk assessment, monitoring, guarding, facility protection and asset security. Our hiring process is the most arduous in the industry; this permits us to offer cutting edge expertise and careful supervision at all levels of security management. We have our personnel as well as technological support in place to respond competently to any impending security issue that may arise.