Our training goals

State of the Art Training

At AGI there are no short cuts; we provide our employees with the most groundbreaking training. Our core training goals include building team spirit, intrinsic motivation and conscientiousness. We take pride in providing the most responsive customer service teams in the industry. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and security to our clients. We believe in generating a perfect blend of state of the art technology in the hands of carefully trained and dedicated personnel to offer our clients high level, optimized and effective security services.

Choicest Selection

Prescreening of AGI personnel is an absolutely thorough process. Criminal histories and fingerprint checks are the basic norm. We ensure thorough background checks to include measures of the applicant's personality. We have an obligation to the clients we serve. Therefore, we want to ensure that the individuals we hire are competent and mentally fit to handle the daily duties of their jobs.

Our Training Program

  • Rules and Regulations
  • Executive Protection
  • Effective Private Security
  • Narcotics Detection
  • General Duties of Security Officers and Lobby Ambassadors
  • Traffic and Crowd Control
  • Relations with Law Enforcement
  • Sabotage/Espionage
  • Client Rule Enforcement/Relations
  • Bomb Threats/Arson
  • Public Relations/Customer Service and Professionalism
  • Electronics and Security
  • Power Outage and National Disaster Procedures
  • Basic Applicable Criminal Law
  • Shop Lifting Detection
  • Power to Arrest
  • Escorts
  • Search & Seizure
  • Juvenile Procedures
  • Burglary/Trespassing
  • Report Writing and Testifying
  • Robbery/Theft
  • Radio Communication
  • Endangerment/Assault
  • Fire Prevention and Suppression
  • Criminal Damage/Littering & Vandalism
  • Effective Safety and Security Procedures
  • Crime Scene Evidence
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Interviews and Data Collection
  • Self Defense
  • Stress Situation Procedures
  • Firearms: Legal Use, Liability and Range Qualification
  • Disturbed Individuals
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • AGIs customer service, presentable officers, and quality control has made them one of our great partners

    Sheila Clark- Microsoft - Special Events
  • AGI is one of the most dependable organizations that I have had the great pleasure of working with for the past Five years

    Andrea Kaypekian - Remax Reality
  • We hired AGI approximately a year ago at the Line Hotel to provide security services. I have been in the industry for more than 10 years now. As a director of security with many other hotels, I have worked with many small and large security companies in the past. I am very pleased with AGIs services, employees, and a genuine effort by their management team to ensure our satisfaction at all times. Their rates are very competitive and their services are excellent. Our property is a very demanding security project with a very prestigious clientele and AGI works with us as a team to attend to our valued clients. We constantly receive letters of complement and praise about AGI's officers assigned here at our property

    William Retana - Line Hotel
  • I have been in the Real Estate business for over 15 years. I have experienced many good and bad services while working with security services companies. I have to say by far, my experience with Armored Group International has been a great one. I have recommended Armored Group to many of my associates and they have also been very content with their rates, quality of officers, lobby ambassadors, and their management team

    Victoria Westfield - Arden Reality Inc.
  • After interviewing many security companies in 2013, We decided to award the contract to Armored Group International as a trial base for thirty days in two location. We have been very impressed with them. We have been with AGI for more than 2 years now and they provide services for us across the State at several of the properties that we own and manage. I would highly recommend AGI for your protective needs

    Katie V. Walsh - Coldwell Banker Commercial
  • For the last two years since we have hired Armored Group International, they have proven to be very reliable and professional. They hire the best quality of officers, provide them with the tools & training and ensures that the highest level of security and customer services are always maintained.

    David Anderson - DHL
  • It is a pleasure to recommend Armored Group International for any security needs you may have. AGI has provided the American Red Cross with quality, affordable guard services for more than 5 years now. We have AGI stationed in many of our permanent location and also have the need for last minute blood drive coverage and other special projects. They always come through for us and never let us down. We are looking forward to working with AGI for many more years to come

    Silvia J. Washington- American Red Cross
  • We currently have AGI officers at many of our construction sites across the State. What impresses me the most is the extensive training in regards to construction sites that is provided to their employees. They only provide us with presentable, dependable, trained officers that already have a great deal of experience in construction sites.Their officers not only protect the property and our employees, they also limit our liability a great deal

    Andy B. Bernard Constructions
  • AGI has constantly exceeded our expectations. From small projects to sophisticated security programs AGI's Management Team is always hands on and utilizes their extensive experience to ensure the safety of our employees customers and our properties

    Alex H. Miller - GE
  • My staff and I have worked with many security companies in a retail environment. AGI was assigned to our store approximately a year ago. We immediately experienced superior services, reliable and presentable employees, and an impressive level of quality control

    Russ Walker- Rite Aid
  • I have been involved in Residential Community Management for ten years plus. I have had the opportunity to work with several national security companies. I have to say, I have found AGI to be the most professional company that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend them for any projects in regards to residential communities.

    Lisa M. Scott - AIMCO
  • Armored Group's officers assigned to our hotel is a wonderful addition to our team. We are glad to have them as one of our valued vendors for the past 3 years

    Harry Gould - Holiday Inn Hotels
  • Very pleased with the service they provide... AGI is very accommodating when we need additional coverage for holiday periods and busy occupancy dates.

    Embassy Suites Hotel
  • I believe what sets AGI apart from most other security companies is their managements' hands on approach. They are available whenever I may need them as they had promised. Also, they invest a great deal of time, effort, and assets on their employees. That I believe is a wining combination

    Roberto De Rosa - Core Group International
  • After trying many other security companies, for the past year we have worked with AGI and not only have been very content with all aspects of their services but also improved our security related bottom line by a great deal. AGI has offered us superior service for very competitive rates.

    George McArthur- BRE Properties
  • As a prestigious, multi-service international company, we are very particular while selecting our venders. I have worked with Armored Group International for several years now in various arenas related to protective services and products. AGI constantly rises to the occasion and impresses us, our employees, and our clients domestic and international

    Henry Adams III - Solutions International Group