Real Time Tour Systems

Active Versus Passive Security

Learning about an incident after it has occurred is an expensive affair. It offers the offender a chance to move on to the next crime. Real Time Tour Systems allow immediate reporting that enables prompt action to security threats. Real time is a method of using computer systems to update information at the same rate as the receipt of input. This enables the system to direct and control a process or event without any incumbent delay.

Benefits of Going Real Time

Real time monitoring stops the culprits in their tracks. It also facilitates comparison of occurrences with history and effaces emerging security trends. With complete visibility, you are aware of all incidents and this offers proactive steps in security maintenance. Real time video surveillance tour is a state-of-the-art technology, which goes beyond a security alarm and tracks a breach allowing us to check premises from any location, enhancing our clients' trust in us and assuring their peace of mind.

The AGI Promise of Perfection

As a cutting-edge security company we are no strangers to the technological advancement of this millennium. Security technology when customized for home and business security, promises safe, reliable and cost effective solutions for your security needs. At AGI we provide state of the art solutions in all facets of security support, logistics, and information technology. We utilize our extensive knowledge of IT operations to address customer requirements and provide critical solutions. Our commercial structure contributes to our swiftness and ingenuity in security service. This enables us to provide customized cost effective solutions to our diverse set of customers.