Security Consultants and Investigators

Collaborative Approach

Security is not the responsibility of either a security company or the organization alone. It is a collaborative effort that requires technical and professional expertise of a reputed security service like AGI along with an acceptance of security into the organization's culture. Threats have no fixed face; they could range from workplace violence and fraud, to terrorism and property damage. Organizations need to reappraise their views on security and consult with experts in the field to understand and restructure their security protocols.

Security Network

Today, security needs involve integration and interconnection between the different components of the 'security network'. Security requires teams with unified communication systems that can accurately relay information between sources to assure entirety of safety. Security today is a unique service based on specific learned techniques backed by extensive training and professionalism. It is a combination of mental as well as manual effort and it follows specified pre-determined criteria to assure professionalization.

360-Degree Perspectives

An independent expert threat assessment by AGI typically includes physical survey of sites, parking garages, loading docks, service entries, common areas, lobbies, elevator cores, roofs; and mechanical, electrical and plumbing facilities. Detailed interviews with the organization management give historical perspectives on the security climate in the organization, as well as reflect the overall culture. Accordingly risk analysis can be performed and further suggestions provided.

State of the Art Consulting

Professionals with in depth subject matter expertise can advise companies on securing and protecting their physical, financial, and information capital through different dimensions of security including building, computer, or asset security. An expert consultation may include designing security systems and developing specifications for technological and physical security measures, conducting security training, and providing expert advice on loss prevention and risk management.