Special Event Security

Escalated Security Need

Concerts, trade shows, sporting and other special events venues pose tremendous security threats, independent of their location. Security protocols in such active and open environments require a blend of technical expertise as well as appropriate communication skills to cater to the clients. With several decades of experience in varied and dynamic settings, AGI has mastered the art of security in stadiums, concerts and outdoor events. This helps us protect critical assets and mitigate risk, while contributing to the friendly, caring and restful atmosphere of such complex and dynamic landscapes.

Diverse Skillsets at AGI

Event venues welcome guests from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Security teams in these environments are faced with the additional responsibility of understanding these unique needs. Thus a blend of cutting edge technology, interpersonal skills, and top-class personnel is a must. In these situations, being able to interact with the public in a courteous and respectful way is not just a bonus, it is essential. Thus public communication skills training forms an essential part of AGI's ongoing instruction for our security officers in these settings.

State of the Art Training

AGI security teams are proficiently trained in interacting with guests, visitors, staff and public at special event landscapes. The sensitivity of interaction in these situations cannot be challenged; as the name suggests these places represent friendliness. Careful selection, in depth training and ongoing guidance coaching assures that our personnel maintain a professional, yet friendly and supportive attitude, which is a pre-requisite in such events, besides maintaining utmost integrity and proficiency at what they do.

Our Security Promise

AGI's rigorous training processes are in place for all our varied security teams to empower our staff with technical and social skills, which enables logistical planning, crisis management, and emergency coordination. We also specialize in advance planning, threat assessment and crowd control as part of backup readiness. We have our personnel as well as technological support in place to respond competently to any impending security issue that may arise.